Sunday, 4 June 2017

The London Bridge Terror Hoax; or, Willy Heaven; or, Dick to the rescue

Looking back over my past posts, I've been way too hard on women. I'm not even sure why, as I was writing that the Jew World Order of horseshit we live in is orchestrated and scripted and acted by gays and their beards. It's them that have made women so fucked up, and men too. So, just a little retraction, and an apology, really. We live and learn, we get a bit older and wiser, and all that. Sorry ladies.

Anyway, just a little look at the so-called London attacks last night for kicks. The first reporter I saw on the BBC was called Will Heaven. Willy Heaven. Maybe Americans don't know, but "willy" means dick, although usually refering to little boys' bits. Then Cressida Dick gave a quick statement. Then there was a statement on the screen to the effect of "I saw a man cradling another man in the street. It looked like someone had been stabbed." Well, that's what happens when you get two men cuddling.

London Bridge has been a gay hookup area for decades, probably centuries. There's a pub there called the Barrowboy and Banker, which itself is something of a clue. Why would a banker mix with a barrowboy? To rephrase, why would a wealthy old banker want to meet a young, strapping, penniless barrowboy?

There's a lot of arches around there too, the Borough market area, and this reminds one of Vauxhall, home of the secret services and also the biggest gay clubs in the city.  There was that song, too, "Under the Arches", how did that go?

Underneath the arches,
We dream our dreams away,
Underneath the arches,
On cobblestones we lay.

There's another song of the same name which goes:

I've seen bad things in bad places
What did i learn?
Wallow in grime
Tonight we'll drink the sewers dry
We can't function outside of these dreams of suicide

Actually I don't have much more to say. It's another fake event, and they're getting pretty boring now. Miles W Mathis, who I've been reading a bit lately, reckons that the increased occurrance of these things means that the intelligence community has got too big, too unwieldy, too bloated with money, and that there's a sort of civil war breaking out in the spook community. Could well be the case. Although I think the words "intelligence" and "spooks" might take away from what they actually are, which is theatre troupes. PR and culture creation from rich families who already own the world and don't know what else to do with their lives except make everyone else as fucked up as they are.

Okay, so there is more to say. I've been meaning to write a post on sexual transmutation, which is opposed to the sort of sexual degeneration which informs these events. It's got a biblical basis too, although it's a veiled gnostic one, not a fake Theosophy psyop one.

Also I should write a bit more about money, and about how central banks loan money into existence, loaning money to Treasury rather than the other way around, hence inverting the natural order of things. And how a small number of families own these banks, and how there's one in every country in the world, except two or three or something.

Money, and sex. They are at the centre of everything, aren't they? So they're next to write about. I see I haven't written in two years, so there's probably no-one around to read them anymore, but hey.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cybele’s Rainbow Warriors, or, Life’s a Cabaret, Old Chum

This is a bit like me, lately, having hit rock bottom:






Waking up from Cybele’s nightmare is no picnic. But necessary obviously.

In this article I will argue that women have created a world of retarded children. And that as a result most men are so deformed that they’re mostly stunted at the stage of a three year old. Because we have almost no knowledge, whatsoever, of important things in the world. We have a very active make-believe world. Because androgyny reigns, and the collective balls have not dropped. And because it’s the potty-training, anal stage.

This is to some extent analogy, and some extent  physical and real. I’ll try to show that the leaders of the world have been afflicted by some kind of blockage or imbalance in the pituitary/pineal area. The worse the problem in that area, the more powerful they have tended to become, and the more they have fucked the world up. It’s matched by a disconnection to the testicles.

The rest of us, the peons, have had an imbalance too – most likely in the kidney area, leaving us wide open to any kind of fear propaganda the elites care to offer.

There’s no conspiracy in the world in the sense that there’s no organised group, despite the excellent work of researchers. They see the pattern, they say it can’t be coincidence, and they’re right.

There have been movers and shakers. They’ve been mother-worshippers (three years old, remember), they’ve been father-haters, and they’ve been obsessed with young boys and men, and muscles, and war games.

So, having said all that I did about Cybele the Great Mother Goddess, the empty androgynous doll, it’s time to look at the actual puppeteers.

It’s a sisterhood, alright. But they ain’t women. And they aren’t really men either. As Red said in Shawshank of the microcosmic “Sisters” in the prison world, “you have to be human first. They don’t qualify.”

Hm, suppose that would make them… aliens? Well, hold that thought.

There’s been plenty of speculation about the true nature of the elites that have so royally fucked up the world we live in today. Jews. Teutonic aristocrats. Royal bloodlines. Acting dynasties. Gays. Paedophiles. Aliens. Lizards. Archons. Even… fairies?

I recently saw on CNN or Bloomberg a three-way conversation between Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Laffer, and they were all reminiscing about when Laffer drew a curve on a napkin to demonstrate how tax revenues fall as the tax rate goes up. What struck me though, beyond the banality of such an observation, and the perpetuation of the myth that tax payment is obligatory and useful, was that these men were clearly in love with each other. It was almost touching- Rumsfeld and Cheney in particular were like two old queens having tea together on a Sunday afternoon. The admiring side glances, the little smiles. And I remember when Rumsfeld sang happy birthday to somebody in the military during the gulf war. Or when George Bush Jr was asked about some massacre in Iraq and he said “Never mind that. Watch this.” And took his golf shot. In these moments, I actually almost liked these men. It was clear they did not give a fuck. It was admirable, noble, aristocratic even. And in a world of brazen fawning political analysis and po-faced arbitration, it was a sharp flash of truth, the sun peeking through the branches. Even if they’re basically just actors, of  no influence of themselves.

But then.

I  read a fascinating piece recently that suggested what I have seen over and again – that the men who do things that affect the external world, do so by entering into some kind of hive-mind sisterhood, represented by Plato’s Gate in the sky. The Christian cross, which is also really the penis with the tip being cut off. Or Jewry. But anyway, it’s worth a look.

Circumcision may in fact be THE initiation of initiations. CIRCE-umcision, remember. It’s entering into the realm of the Goddess of Chaos. One should really pity these men.

The reason the world we live in feels nothing like a patriarchy is because it’s not.

The men who do the moving and shaking are patrons of many things. But they are not fatherly in any recognisable, natural way.

They were never good sons, either. Instead, they generally hate-love their fathers, fear their mothers, and they love little boys – to death. These are patriarchs who are anything but fatherly.

It’s all code, and always has been. The writing of history, the news and media. The puzzle of the cryptocracy is solved. It was always a big dick joke.

Everything since Plato has been the merging of corporate with government powers, that is, fascism. Because these are machine men.

Actually, the irony is that men are beautiful. But in rejecting the external beauty of the feminine, and unknowingly embracing the inner ugliness of the feminine, they have also ignored what really makes men men. And what that is, is balls.

The evidence was always overwhelming. Paedophile rings and the elite are spoken of in the same breath so often that they might as well be – and are – the same thing.

Eyes Wide Shut is often touted as containing truth about the elites. And if you substitute the female hookers for little boys and young men, it does.


Where the rainbow rear-ends. And he does. Which is why he leaves them and goes up the stairs – ascends from luscious Terra, offering double pussy on a plate – to be with the hairy rich Jew who’s just poisoned one hooker and later kills another. Without remorse, evidently. So Tom, the Top Gun (although actually beaten by Gay Perry) decides to put on the rainbow costume in his dark night of the soul:


Notice he doesn’t take the entrance “Under the Rainbow”, but the one “somewhere over” it. OK, so a bit hokey, but who said all this was supposed to be clever?


Constance Cumbey. That’ll be CC, or 33, the buttsex number, as Celtic Rebel points out all too often. There are 33 vertebrae in the body, and 33 units of life energy there for the plunder. So that’ll be telling us that “Constance” is not only a man, but one of the “enlightened.” And he’s pushing the Saviour-Messiah angle, mixed in with a bit o’ conspiracy for those sniffing at the trail of the butt pirates.

(Quick aside: In the town in England where my family live, there is a long residential street at the top of a ridge, and number 33 is notorious for hosting gay parties attending by bigwigs. )

The rainbow insignia is well known as a gay emblem. At the end of the rainbow is the fairies’ pot of gold. The bow of Rainman, or Jove, Jupiter, the jackrabbit. The jack’s-eye, the young man, Jove, who gets his life-force farmed out so these old farts can live forever. Their gold is the golden brown gold of – sorry to get graphic – the anus. And, sorry for all you punk fans out there, but that’s what that Stranglers song is about too. Not heroin. For god’s sake, a “punk” is a young man who rents his arse out to older men. Look it up. Do you see how stupid everyone has been made? The entire movement, touted as some kind of grassroots move of “sticking it to the man”, was in fact a cultural insertion of the powerful men, creating culture as they do, a whole celebration of, well, actually, “sticking it to men.”

It’s even in the British vernacular, “they don’t like it up ‘em.” There’s an idea in America that the British are largely gay, but it’s the Anglo-American elites that are gay, and those of every other country too. Greg Hallett once said that New Zealand was a paedophile movement fronting as a country, but  all countries are paedophile movements fronting as countries. There are no countries, except in the minds of these sick men who love war above all else – who would be happy to die as long as they were rolling around in the mud with a sweaty muscular man at the time, a bit like that overly graphic scene in Saving Private Ryan where a fight ends with a knife being slowly pushed into another man’s heart. That scene right there is the macho cigar-sucking gay elite’s mind in a nutshell.

Fight Club is another one. Drinking beer doesn’t make you want to fight. It makes you want  to sleep. Being a butch gay, or bull queer – that  makes you want to fight.

Bull fights. Bull shit. What’s the ending of a bullfight? The bull is castrated.

Those old Greek myths, about the sisters of Mercy, or the Sisters of Fury. The Wild Hunt. Do you really think that a band of women could tear a man  limb  from limb, as was the fate of poor Orpheus? No. But a band of burly queer men could.

It’s all gay. Everything you’ve ever heard, ever, from anyone, is gay. Because unless you’re listening deep within, or to nature, that’s the only game in town. School is gay. Companies are gay. Money is gay. Politics is deeply gay.

Culture is gay.

And Gay is Woman.

The occult is gay too, and always has been. The reason the conspiracy arena is such a quagmire, so guaranteed to cover you with shit as you try to make sense of the goings-on, is that they literally wrote the book on conspiracy and the occult. They invented the words, they built the psychopathic institutions. That’s all they live for. You’re up against a formidable force when you go truth-searching, and you have to go through several barriers within yourself, and nobody does so without picking up, and then shedding, paranoia, grief and angst along the way. It helps if you can laugh at yourself.

And this lot, the butch-gays, they’re the Aryans. The Druids. The Phoenicians, the Vikings. And yes, the Jews. How do I know? It’s all motive. There’s no need for anyone to dress up! No need to broadcast words about shit! This is all womanly squawking about men doing cold shit, because that’s what all women fantasise about in their cold little tingly vaginas.

The point is that the macho-queers are stunted little boys. They’re stuck at the level of pre-pubescence. That explains all the play acting, all the make-believe. They dress up in a cop’s uniform, say, and they will say stuff like, I AM THE LAW, because they read Robocop or Judge Dredd or some other shit.

They’re children. And children like to pretend to be kings, without realising that kings are actually the head servants of the people. They’re the archons, the governors, which makes them aliens too.

And women, by the way, love all this drama and play-acting, and they go along with it too. So it’s up to us MEN to put a stop to the nonsense. Gently, like a father would. Not by confronting it, anymore than you would be enraged at your son because he’s pretending to be superman and destroying the Twin Towers. No, you would accept it, you wouldn’t argue with him that he’s not really Superman. You would just smile, and say, “that’s nice.” Or say nothing at all.

You may say that you can’t do that when confronted by a security officer or the police, or a bailiff or a judge. But you can. And you should. Just ask them why they think they have a claim. And politely excuse yourself when it becomes clear they don’t. And none of them do, of course. BECAUSE IT’S ALL FUCKING MAKE BELIEVE.

Reminds me of when I was a kid cycling around the block, and there was always this retarded little kid, younger  and smaller than me, who would come out in front of me and put his hand up. I stopped the first time. He said, you have to go back, this area is cordoned off. I went around him and he went all enraged. His dad was in the military.

Really there’s no other way to live. Are you really going to live in the absurd make-believe cartoon they’ve created? Look, it’s time to be mature now. People are living dismal lives, dying slow painful deaths out of simple ignorance. The show has to stop. Is life so dear that you believe you have to play the role of a serf at a swanky gay club, and like it?

In a way, what I’m saying almost seems trivial. After all, even the regular, “unawakened sheeple” out there know that there’s “influential gays” out there. Politicians like Portillo, and pop stars like George Michael and the Pet Shop Boys.  And they’ve been accepted, embraced even.

But I’m saying something very different to anything I’ve ever heard said. Namely that Western Society is gay first, before anything else. It was founded on gay ideals, by gay men, and everything in it is gay. And crucially,





Ever read Lord of the Flies? Children can’t distinguish war games from war itself.

War itself is mundane, dismal, boring, stupid. Just about every war movie ever made proves it. Have there actually been any good movies? People point to Apocalypse Now, which is really just Heart of Darkness and so not a war movie at all. The worst movie ever made is probably Pearl Harbour. I suppose one reason all war movies are so bad is because they are faced by the insurmountable problem of demonstrating the other side is “evil,” without outing themselves as evil. Maybe that’s why they tout their one success in this area so much - Star Wars has been much touted as a classic movie, and of course the Empire is mostly cardboard-cutout storm troopers and the Emperor who’s just… you know, evil. And he was a politician before he got his powers, which goes somewhat against observation of real life. People usually become politicians when they realise they have no power or talent of their own. Han Solo single-handedly (hmm pun there) provides the necessary twinkle in the eye  to stop it from being an awful movie, and the other characters are as wooden as the Endor forest.

Then there’s superstition, religion, witchcraft and art and technology. The macho-queer created all of it. The synthetic world, because they cannot stand the real world, it reminds them of their deficiencies.

Arthur Evans wrote a book called witchcraft and the gay counterculture, subtitled a radical view of western civilisation and some of the people it has tried to destroy. Kind of interesting avenue, but i’m not going to go there just yet.

Look, men have a hard time taking  gays seriously. It’s a bit like those clownish Jews. They just seem quite friendly, quite cultured, creative and what have you. And men think, well they’re nice enough, and they’re not competing for women. So where’s the problem?

But the authoritarian mind, the Big Brother mind, is the macho-queer mind, and only that. The unholy merger of the boy-child fantastical mind, the sexual bloodlust of the woman, and the body and logical faculties of the man.

Why haven’t things corrected themselves? There’s an old Latin adage, saying that “things refuse to be mismanaged long.” Well, they’ve been sodomising us all for a really  long time now.

They’re scared of women, and rightly so. Of late they’ve been trying to contain them. Well actually, they’re trying to make women become more like men. Germany recently passed a statute mandating that at least 30% of large corporate boards of directors must be female.

Anyway, now we know, for instance, why alien sightings happen near military bases. And why Laurel Canyon was basically a military installation filled with gun-toting idiot actors and session musicians. These guys have limitless money to throw at the musical projects of their rentboy lovers, their disinfo projects, and devices that put cool-looking designs into wheatfields and reduce steel buildings to rust instantaneously. They are happy to kill men like Viktor Schauberger who would teach us the powers that come from the earth and water. And they’re happy to lie about everything in order to make everyone else as scared as they are.

They have no balls. The truth is not in them, as the Bible might say. The balls are associated with the moon, the 9 in qabalah, the foundation. But old Father Moon is rejected. They say He’s a rock floating in space. That they landed on him with their eagle and wounded him like the fisher king. Instead they prefer the peons to worship the sun. And how do they anthropomorphise her?


Well, whaddaya know. A little boy. More on that in a minute.

If I  had to guess, I would say that gayness is an imbalance in the body. Either located in the genitals, or  the root, or the kidneys, which are Libra, the scales. That would make sense, since the kidneys are the gonads of the body. Impotence  would originate there. And that is what these guys are, impotent ravers.

One thing that needs to be understood is that castration causes ferocity. Also lack of veracity, hence testator. Sackless men cannot be trusted to tell the truth to other men.

Also castration causes drive. They pick up that effeminate, hamster wheel running around and talking too much thing that women do. When Arnie Schwarzenegger was asked what the secret of his success was, he “said “drive!” in his inimitable way. Such a perfect response from such a perfect example of the machine-man. The man from the land of Kraftwerk, Vorsprung durch Technik, Arbeit Macht Frei. Spawning the Terminator, allowed to be famous only so long as  he displays his arse for the camera in the first shot of his first role. And Arnie is also given to distinguishing himself from “girly men.” I used to wonder why.

Another thing to understand is this:





Eating, drinking, hunting, fishing. And okay, fucking, as long as he knows what the hell he’s doing. But fighting? Fighting is some kind of a game. Voluntary and bilateral, with rules made up by someone else.

A man who wants to fight another man is a masochist who just wants to get hurt. Unless, that is, he has  a very good reason for wanting to hurt the other man, but if that’s the case he’ll want to enter into combat in his own terms, not on their-party ones.

A healthy man sees no reason for any fighting. Why roll around with a sweaty man getting hurt? A real man, to my mind, doesn’t really like to hurt people, or even animals. If a man has to kill an animal, he does it for a reason, and he does it humanely. It’s just women and these macho-queers who are lacking in the empathy department.

And children. Little boys. They like to pretend to be warriors. So these guys are basically little boys who never grew up – whose balls never dropped. Explains that strand of Disneyish thinking that runs through their propaganda. Peter Pan never grew up. And JM Barrie, the paedo, knows why. How do we know for sure  he was a paedo? Because they made a very bad, and very lauded, movie about him starring Johnny Depp.

And because they’re little  boys, they can only see women  as mothers. Hence Cybele. Hence Norman Bates. Hence Jimmy Saville.

Hitler’s really one to watch when approaching this subject. The whole Nazi movement was gay from the start. Nazism is homosexuality. The Swastika is the anus, Sauron’s eye, the vaginal door of life inverted to run anti-clockwise. The stargate of many a Hollywoody movie.

See, for instance,

From the wiki entry on The Pink Swastika, by Lively and Abrams:

Bryan Fischer, the former Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association was fired for creating outrage in Israel for his views on the holocaust, which are taken from the Pink Swastika.

In 2008, Fischer published an essay called "The truth about homosexuality and the Nazi Party"[12] that argued "the Nazi Party began in a gay bar in Munich," that the Night of the Long Knives was "largely implemented by homosexuals" and that homosexuals were recruited into Hitler's brown shirts because they were "a proud and arrogant lot" who could "kill and slaughter for the hell of it"[13] and stated "unless a Storm Troop officer were homosexual, he had no chance of advancement"

In 2010, Bryan Fischer repeated the claim that Hitler was a homosexual on American Family Talk radio, and stated that "Hitler discovered that he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders, but that homosexual soldiers basically had no limits and the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict on whomever Hitler sent them after. So he surrounded himself, virtually all of the Stormtroopers, the Browshirts, were male homosexuals"[14] In 2013 he repeated on American Family Talk that Hitler started the Nazi party "in a gay bar in Munich" and that "[Adolf Hitler] couldn't get straights to be vicious enough in being his enforcers."


From The Pink Swastika:

The "Butch" homosexuals of the CS transformed Germany. Their primary vehicle was the German youth movement, known as the Wandervogel (Rovers or Wandering Youth).
....Rising spontaneously in the 1890s as an informal hiking and camping society, the Wandervogel became an official organization at the turn of the century, similar to the Boy Scouts. From early on, however, the Wandervogel was dominated and controlled by the pederasts of the CS. CS co-founder Wilhelm Janzen was its chief benefactor, and its leadership was rife with homosexuality. In 1912, CS theorist Hans Blueher wrote The German Wandervogel Movement as an Erotic Phenomenon which told how the organization was used to recruit young boys into homosexuality.
....During World War I, the greatest hero of the German youth movement was Gerhard Rossbach. Described by historian Robert G. L. Waite as a "sadist, murderer and homosexual," Rossbach was "the most important single contributor of the pre-Hitler youth movement" (Waite,1969:210). More importantly, Rossbach was the bridge between the Wandervogel and the Nazi Party.
....Rossbach's adjutant was Edmund Heines, noted for his ability to procure boys for sexual orgies. Ernst Roehm, recruited by Rossbach into homosexuality, later commanded the Storm Troopers for the Nazis, where they were more commonly known as the SA (an acronym for Sturmabteilung).

While Adolf Hitler is today recognized as the central figure of Nazism, he was a less important player when the Nazi machine was first assembled. Its first leader was Ernst Roehm. Homosexual historian Frank Rector writes that "Hitler was, to a substantial extent, Roehm's proteg�" (Rector:80). Roehm had been a captain in the German army. Hitler had been a mere corporal. After World War I, Roehm was highly placed in the underground nationalist movement that plotted to overthrow the Weimar government and worked to subvert it through assassinations and terrorism. In The Order of the Death's Head, author Heinz Hohne writes that Roehm met Hitler at a meeting of a socialist terrorist group called the Iron Fist and "saw in Hitler the demagogue he required to mobilize mass support for his secret army" (Hohne:20). Roehm, who had joined the German Worker's Party before Hitler, worked with him to take over the fledgling organization. With Roehm's backing, Hitler became the first president of the party in 1921 (ibid.:21) and changed its name to the National Socialist German Worker's Party. Soon after, Rossbach's Storm Troopers, the SA, became its military arm. In his classic Nazi history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, author William Shirer describes Roehm as "a stocky, bull-necked, piggish-eyed, scar- faced professional soldier...[and] like so many of the early Nazis, a homosexual"

Betraying his roots in the "Butch" faction of the German "gay rights" movement, Roehm viewed homosexuality as the basis for a new society. Louis Snyder writes that Roehm "projected a social order in which homosexuality would be regarded as a human behavior pattern of high repute...he flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted that his cronies do the same.

The favorite meeting place of the SA was a "gay" bar in Munich called the Bratwurstglockl where Roehm kept a reserved table (Hohne:82). This was the same tavern where some of the earliest formative meetings of the Nazi Party had been held (Rector:69). At the Bratwurstglockl, Roehm and associates-Edmund Heines, Karl Ernst, Ernst's partner Captain Rohrbein, Captain Petersdorf, Count Ernst Helldorf and the rest-would meet to plan and strategize. These were the men who orchestrated the Nazi campaign of intimidation and terror. All of them were homosexual.

Indeed, homosexuality was all that qualified many of these men for their positions in the SA. Heinrich Himmler would later complain of this: "Does it not constitute a danger to the Nazi movement if it can be said that Nazi leaders are chosen for sexual reasons?" (Gallo:57). Himmler was not so much opposed to homosexuality itself as to the fact that non- qualified people were given high rank based on their homosexual relations with Roehm and others. For example, SA Obergruppenfuhrer (Lieutenant General) Karl Ernst, a militant homosexual, had been a hotel doorman and a waiter before joining the SA. "Karl Ernst is not yet 35," writes Gallo, "he commands 250,000 men...he is simply a sadist, a common thug, transformed into a responsible official" (ibid.:50f).

This strange brand of nepotism was a hallmark of the SA. By 1933 the SA had grown far larger than the German army, yet the Vikingkorps (Officers' Corps) remained almost exclusively homosexual. "Roehm, as the head of 2,500,000 Storm Troops," writes historian H.R. Knickerbocker, "had surrounded himself with a staff of perverts. His chiefs, men of rank of Gruppenfuhrer or Obergruppenfuhrer, commanding units of several hundred thousand Storm Troopers, were almost without exception homosexuals. Indeed, unless a Storm Troop officer were homosexual he had no chance of advancement" (Knickerbocker:55).................For a monthly salary of 200 marks he kept Roehm supplied with new friends, his main hunting ground being Geisela High School Munich; from this school he recruited no fewer than eleven boys, whom he first tried out and then took to Roehm" (Hohne:82).

In 1945 a Jewish historian by the name of Samuel Igra published Germany's National Vice, which called homosexuality the "poisoned stream" that ran through the heart of Nazism. (In the 1920s and 30s, homosexuality was known as "the German vice" across Europe because of the debaucheries of the Weimar period.) Igra, who escaped Germany in 1939, claims that Hitler "had been a male prostitute in Vienna at the time of his sojourn there, from 1907 to 1912, and that he practiced the same calling in Munich from 1912 to 1914" (Igra:67). Desmond Seward, in Napoleon and Hitler, says Hitler is listed as a homosexual in Viennese police records

Hitler and homosexuality
In 1945 a Jewish historian by the name of Samuel Igra published Germany's National Vice, which called homosexuality the "poisoned stream" that ran through the heart of Nazism. (In the 1920s and 30s, homosexuality was known as "the German vice" across Europe because of the debaucheries of the Weimar period.)
Igra, who escaped Germany in 1939, claims that Hitler "had been a male prostitute in Vienna at the time of his sojourn there, from 1907 to 1912, and that he practiced the same calling in Munich from 1912 to 1914" (Igra:67). Desmond Seward, in Napoleon and Hitler, says Hitler is listed as a homosexual in Viennese police records

Langer, a psychiatrist, was commissioned by the Allies in 1943 to prepare a thorough psychological study of Hitler. His report, kept under wraps for 29 years, was published in book form in 1972 as The Mind of Adolf Hitler. Langer writes that Hitler was certainly a coprophile (a person who is sexually aroused by human excrement) and may have practiced homosexuality as an adult. He cites the testimony of Hermann Rauschning, a former Hitler confidante who "reports that he has met two boys who claimed that they were Hitler's homosexual partners, but their testimony can hardly be taken at face value. More condemning," adds Langer, "would be the remarks dropped by [Albert] Foerster, the Danzig gauleiter, in conversation with Rauschning. Even here, however, the remarks deal only with Hitler's impotence as far as heterosexual relationships go, without actually implying that he indulges in homosexuality. It is probably true that Hitler calls Foerster 'Bubi,' which is a common nickname employed by homosexuals in addressing their partners. This alone is not adequate proof that he has actually indulged in homosexual practices with Foerster, who is known to be a homosexual" (Langer:178). However, writes Langer, "Even today, Hitler derives sexual pleasure from looking at men's bodies and associating with homosexuals" (Langer:179). Too, Hitler's greatest hero was Frederick the Great, a well-known homosexual (Garde:44).


Wiki on The Authoritarian Personality, written by Theo Adorno, who will be familiar to seasoned conspiracy-watchers as the author of The Culture Industry:

A central idea of The Authoritarian Personality is that authoritarianism is the result of a Freudian developmental model. Excessively harsh and punitive parenting was posited to cause children to feel immense anger towards their parents; yet fear of parental disapproval or punishment caused people to not directly confront their parents, but rather to identify with and idolize authority figures.[page needed] Moreover, the book suggested that authoritarianism was rooted in suppressed homosexuality, which was redirected into outward hostility towards the father, which was, in turn, suppressed for fear of being infantilized and castrated by the father.


Then there’s Nietzsche, again from The Pink Swastika:

Among the several men who have been dubbed “the Father of National Socialism” (including Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels), Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) is probably most deserving of this distinction, being so labeled by Nazi luminaries Dr. Alfred Rosenberg and Dr. Franck (Peters:221).  Others have called him the “Father of Fascism” (ibid.:ix).  Rabidly anti-Christian and a homosexual, Nietzsche founded the “God is dead” movement and contributed to the development of existentialist philosophy.  Nietzsche’s publisher, Peter Gast, called Nietzsche “one of the fiercest anti-Christians and atheists,” and described his book, The Antichrist, as a “ferocious curse” on Christianity (ibid.:119).  Nietzsche called Christianity and democracy the moralities of the “weak herd,” and argued for the “natural aristocracy” of the Uuebermensch or superman, whose “will to power” was grounded in the material world (Wren in Grolier).
    According to Macintyre in Forgotten Fatherland: The Search For Elisabeth Nietzsche, Frederich Nietzsche never married and had no known female sex partners, but went insane at age 44 and eventually died of syphilis.  According to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, Nietzsche had caught the disease at a homosexual brothel in Genoa, Italy (McIntyre:91f).  Nietzsche’s unflattering opinion of women was widely known.  His works were “peppered with attacks against women,” and, like the pederasts of the
Community of the Elite, he relegated women to the role of breeders and sexual slaves.  Men, on the other hand were to be bred for war (Agonito:265f).


Or Wagner, composer of the heroic and highly civiles and cultured Ring Trilogy:

One of Nietzsche’s closest friends and another hero of Adolf Hitler was Richard Wagner, the composer.  Wagner was the subject of a 1903 book by Hans Fuchs called Richard Wagner und die Homosexualitaet (“Richard Wagner and Homosexuality”) in which Fuchs recommends art as a means for homosexual emancipation (Oosterhuis and Kennedy:86).  We do not know whether Wagner was homosexual, although Hitler is reported to have identified him as one.  In Kurt Ludecke’s I Knew Hitler, the Fuehrer said the following when the issue of homosexuality among the Brownshirts was raised: “Ach, why should I concern myself with the private lives of my followers!....I love Richard Wagner’s music -- must I shut my ears to it because he was a pederast? The whole thing’s absurd” (Ludeke:477f).


Not impressed that the Nazi party was, before anything else, a big gay bar?

How about those other movers and shakers of his-story, the Jesuits? I’m not  going to dig deeply into this because, frankly, the Jesuits have always bored me, almost as much as the Freemasons. But a google search throws this up right away:

Who knew that the Society of Jesus, aka the Jesuits, was the go-to religious order for gay men wanting to become priests?

In a damaging indictment of the congregational order to which Pope Francis belongs, ex-Jesuit seminarian Ben Brenkert claims that the elitist organization covers up the activities of its homosexual priests.

I myself was groomed for sex by several older Jesuits. I saw the vehement internalized homophobia of some Jesuits, and knew of certain gay pastors removed from jobs so that less out and more passable gay Jesuits replace them at gay-friendly parishes.

His indictment of some gay priests that desire to keep their lifestyle quiet while benefitting from the perks of the Jesuit order sheds light on the confusion occurring within the seminaries; a confusion which should be clarified and settled.

Well, we can clear it all up now, can’t we? The Jesuits, like the Nazi party, are simply a gay party, and nothing else.

Were Ignatius of Loyola alive today, the Jesuit order he founded wouldn't ordain him. His once-formidable society is now a corrupt club for homosexual dilettantes and anti-papal dissenters. Real Catholics need no longer apply.

Queer club, eh? And you’re saying they’ve become that way, right? As in, they weren’t always like that. They used to be, like, really great and stuff. When they went round buggering natives in the New World because they’d run out of young boys back in Europe?

And lest we forget they’ve always  been at the forefront of  a good bit of propaganda:

ROME, September 3, 2013 ( – A series of videos sponsored by the Jesuit Roman Catholic religious order, titled “Who are we to judge,” in reference to a comment made earlier this year by Pope Francis about homosexual priests, has come under fire for promoting the idea that there is no conflict between being a faithful Catholic and being an active homosexual. 

Who are we to judge? Words fail me. What the fuck were these shit-stabbers ever for, then, exactly? But then, we now know the answer.


Alright, so the history writers have all been gay groups. But what is gayness anyway?

In 1991, LeVay published "A difference in hypothalamic structure between heterosexual and homosexual men" in Science. This article reported a difference in average size between the third Interstitial Nucleus of the Anterior Hypothalamus (INAH3) in the brains of heterosexual men and homosexual men: INAH3 was more than twice as large in heterosexual men as in homosexual men. The INAH3 size of homosexual men was the same as that of women.

The hypothalamus (from Greek ὑπό, "under" and θάλαμος, "room, chamber") is a portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of functions. One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland (hypophysis).

Pituitary gland. Something to do with growing up, isn’t it? And seeing correctly. And it’s paired with the pineal, in Chinese tradition. The pituitary is the true “single eye” or “third eye” located at the brow, which everyone is always incorrectly saying is the pineal. But the pineal is located further back in the skull. Together they make up the proverbial “milk and honey” in esoteric lore because of the respective secretions which are milky white and yellowish, respectively. I tend to see the pituitary as masculine, and the pineal as female. And these “boy-men”, “girly men” and “machine men” apparently have something up with their pituitary-hypothalamathingy which, by this logic, would make them less than men.

And this is what I’ve been saying for too long. That we’re not living under any kind of repressive patriarchy. We’re a million miles from it. A real patriarchy would have loads of easy women, there would be no such thing as money, and everyone would make their own beer. And their own houses, for that matter.

Instead, we’re being farmed by a suicide cult for little boys to bugger and murder, and if we’re not forthcoming we get the shit kicked out of us from birth until we’re too retarded, tired, or dead to figure out who the fuck did this to us. No horror movie could ever compare to our situation. And I’ve watched A Serbian Film.

So there’s a sisterhood of gay men who run things. However, those stories you hear of Cybelean initiates cutting their tackle off in a frenzy of adulation and intoxication? Sounds to me, pardon the pun, like a load of old bollocks. Who would do  that? Just another story to startle and dazzle the kiddies.


When you have a pornocracy – that is, rule of whores – you have children born to women  who will not treat them right. A woman led astray by her own imaginings, unhusbanded by a strong male figure, well there’s no depths to how low she can go in treating her sons. Torture of every description can be visited on sons as some kind of vengeance or just general craziness that comes with his kind of woman. It is little remarked-upon that the most horrifying crimes against children of recent years  - Baby P and Victoria Climbie come to mind – were orchestrated by women. Women led by macho-queer psychopaths can be just as cruel as their men, sometimes even more so – because such men do not husband their women, do not reign them in.

We had a cat once who had a litter of kittens, and she took them away one by one and killed them. No particular reason. I believe the feminine energy does not feel the importance of descendents like the male energy does. Which is why the masculine energy is fertilising, regenerative and proactive, while the feminine energy is, and should be kept, quiet, receptive and passive. Women do not have feelings, not like men do. They are not sensitive, they are not empathetic –but they delight in putting on the show that they do. What a dismal show it is too. And that is exactly the internal make-up of these gay machine-men as well. It’s like they lost the Y chromosome.

So there’s a cycle here – macho-queer authoritarian thinking establishes temples of harlotry, which spawns more sons with no fathers and a violent mother, so they too “don the rainbow mask” if they manage to survive. The elites are not people to envy.

We are at the stage now where we’re relearning the power of Nature and natural processes. Stripping away the layer upon layer of horseshit, illusions stacked on illusions, and finding out that everything we need is already within us and the soil around us. Or at least, it would be if we just tend to it.

And when you think of where we went wrong – what force was it that took us away from natural processes, we now have the answer. For old men twisting and draining the bodies and minds of young men is not a natural process. Meaning, it happens, okay, but it’s a man-made avenue. It’s a canal not a river. It’s a ploughed field not an orchard. If the direction of the affairs of mankind is overseen by those who are, at the most fundamental level of their being, unnatural and alien, then the world will become something exactly like what we have now.

Instead of a life-life cycle, a dick in vagina cycle, or evenn better a kundalini up the spine cycle, you have the life-death cycle, the dick up the anus, the kundalini siphoned up the jackseye by some cowardly psychopath, and a talented or cute naive young man ageing twenty years in the process. 

The mind of the macho-queer is revealed by the words of the bible which say that, unless a grain of wheat dies, it cannot bring forth new life. Well, I don’t know about you, but when an egg hatches I don’t say that the egg dies. I say that something’s just been born.

How did they become this way? It seems to be something that happens to them after trauma. Some kind of dark night of the soul. A night of the long knives. or big dicks. Remember, this is older men who suddenly get the urge to visit young men in  public toilets. So it’s some sort of spiritual vasectomy that  comes to men of a certain age, and they suddenly become productive and powerful and… gay.

Bit like this guy, a burly rugby player who had a stroke and then became a hairdresser.

You can’t say it’s not in plain sight. What’s their vision of what Eros looks like, for fuck’s sake:


It’s a young man with wings and a bow. Or rainbow. The bow is the inner tension or chi which the old farts harvest. As for wings, I find it interesting hat wings in Portuguese is “asas.” Sounding more or less like “arses.” And you hear about people “getting their brown wings.” Wings tap the spine, too. Maybe they think of fucking a boy up the arse as being like a drug, like Red Bull, giving you wings as the slogan went. “Getting high”, with those wings. See, it’s in our very language. It’s an infestation. Paul McCartney and his Wings. And he seems quite sprightly for an old queen, right?

There’s even  the “missionary position.” Why would it have that name? It’s an intimate position, and it’s also a gay sex position. Puts a new spin on what the real “mission” was of those Jesuits, Christopher the Colon and other wetikos, going out and buggering up the New World.

But Eros is also often considerably younger than the young man in Piccadilly Circus:


I mean, this is all out in the open. Plato said it: that women are for breeding, young men are for love, and small boys are for sexual pleasure.

These people are different from us.

It’s weird too, because  eros as a boy is a good symbol, because it represents the rejuvenation you get when you learn to keep your sexual energies and juices inside yourself. But it’s been weirdly turned around, exoterically, to come to mean buggering little boys.

Or perhaps not, perhaps that’s all bullshit, to hide the real esoteric meaning of the thing. Who fucking knows.

Remember also that they hate the femmes, the effeminate queers. Because they see themselves in them. They are like them but not hiding it. Actually, if the only gays were these types, it might not be so bad. They are creative, musical and so on. That’s where we get out hairdressers and interior designers.

But, just like the macho-men, they are also banal. Femmes, as we are well aware, are mostly quite gentle but  can also be outrageously bitchy and are prone to sudden rages in which they can get rather nasty. So they’re not so different.

And we haven’t even talked specifically yet about what sodomy does:

E:       Marion, where I want to start is with your statement that the presence of Elohim spirits usually indicate Freemasonic programming that is installed by sodomy. Does that ring a bell?

M:      Yes, it does, and I would like to broaden that a little bit. Ron Patton once did an article on Monarch programming. Based on what you might call research or what I have discovered in maybe 500 people over a period of ten years -- I’m just guessing because I don’t keep records -- this is my impression: the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy.

E:       What is it about sodomy that does that?

M:      It attacks the nerves at the base of the spine and causes something neurological to happen within the brain. It also has a spiritual, demonic component to it that affects the person’s mind in a way that nothing else will, as near as I can tell. In other words, I would state it this way: for a person to be able to develop multiple personalities, they would have to be sodomized between two and four.

E:       For all multiple personality disorders?

M:      As far as I know. It’s not commonly told this way because sodomy puts in a deaf and dumb spirit and causes memory loss so that some people may remember occult rituals but won’t remember the sodomy. But sodomy is the foundation of the whole thing. It is called “the key of David”1 by the Rothschild Illuminati.

E:       When you say Rothschild Illuminati, you’re not talking about just the Rothschild family?

M:      No, I’m talking about all of the occult people all over the world. This goes back to Nimrod. This is the Egyptian initiation of the child to open the third eye.

E:       Are you saying that back in Egypt in 3000 B.C.E., when the priesthood was at its peak, they were using sodomy for their initiations?

M:      As far as I know, sodomy is always used in the occult going clear back before the Flood. Sodomy is Satan’s sex or Satan’s new birth of the child. I don’t believe anybody can become fully illuminated unless they have been sodomized at around three years of age. If they wait to touch that person until they’re ten, twelve, fifteen years old, they will never be fully illuminated because you can’t open the third eye after about five or six years of age.

E:       The third eye meaning the pineal gland between the eyes?

M:      Yes. I have traced migraine headaches from anal sex. It comes up the spine, over the back of the head right into the forehead.

E:       All migraines, or --

M:      No, I’m not saying all migraine headaches are from sodomy because I had one once that was put on me by a retired chiropractor  and he did not sodomize me. But I think he was a sodomite. Basically, Satan cannot sodomize someone on his own, but he can influence somebody to sodomize someone else and then it’s like having Satan sodomize them and put the sodomy power within them. Sodomy is spiritual. I get intense about this because it is so clear, and the Bible is the best source for discovering this.



These guys are connected at the spine. That’s their hivemind.
Anal sex is the dominant metaphor for the world today. and why we all feel sodomised. because anal sex is not only not sex, it is not only an abuse-abusee cycle, it is not only the life-death cycle, but it binds, it's the essence of slavery, it's sticky and hard to get rid of, it creates hidden networks, it is a pathway for the djinn to possess the mind, the messages of error.

It’s kids with secret clubs. By the way, clubs and societies get great tax breaks, which is the basis of the their wealth. But then, they at least managed to do what all men should at 18 - create own new legal persona or entity. Otherwise you stay with the rights of infants or the mentally deficient.

You hear about priimitive cultures where there was some kind of initiation, and a young man had to go out for a while and come back with a new identity. Well, we need this notion in our culture too, because everyone’s stuck being an employee just because they don’t know how to incorporate, how to create id-entities to claim back all the tax you can get. Or as I like to  say, how to spend tax rather than pay tax, because both are voluntary. I mean, anyone can register a trust at HMRC or IRS or wherever for free. Why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because everyone has been made retarded. QED.

And by the way, claiming tax relief doesn’t mean less for anyone else. Money is being created anew, not taken, and the government purse is limitless, and the more it is used the lower inflation goes, not the higher. But that’s off the point.

So we’ve seen this battle for trusteeship or stewardship between men who like anus versus those who like vagina. the anus guys, anus meaning ring, this ring or band of brothers or sister-queens, won and have busily been contriving making the rest of mankind in its image. A stargate-worshipping egregiore which is held together not so much explicitly, but by impaired pituitaries caused by early sodomy, and the make-believe masquerading as fact that this leads to.

Is it so surprising that the gays  have done as well as they have? In  a sense you almost feel like applauding them. As I pointed out in my last post, women torture and destroy everything they come near to, even other women. That’s why they’re all afraid of each other. Gay gays don’t have to put up with that malevolent energy in either their individual lives, or at the level of their network or clubs. Of course they were  going to beat the straight guys who pursue vagina, running drunkenly towards the gates of hell at every opportunity.

So the MO is to ridicule the manly mind, as seen all through the media, and reduce the female spirit to empty sluttish gestures (married to sexual incompetence and abortion) and a striving to act like "men", which is to say like gay men. “Sex and the city” says it all. They flip the script and try to exalt the manly spirit and female mind. A hilarious situation. Men are static and thoughtful and sensitive by nature. They figure shit out and calm things down. They can exist on their own, and are generally happier on their own. Women are hamster-wheel mentally capricious types looking for a strong male anchor to keep them calm while they subliminally figure out how to break him.

The proper attitude of men is tenderness toward other men, the  earth, and children - which especially comes out when he has kids of his own. Tenderness and respect should not be aimed at women - it is pearls before swine and they neither need it nor want it. It will lead to frustration and anger in the man, not to mention being trapped in monogamy, which is the last thing a man needs.


Freud argued that OCD is linked to the anal stage of development. or bipolar, or whatever the term du jour is for it. If you "get your shit pushed in" youre gonna be into hoarding shit, I guess.

And then we have the Cat Litter Parasite Toxoplasma Gondii. Perhaps that’s a joke about the pussy. But then parasitical zombie behaviour is everywhere. Mullins wrote about the parasitical Jew. but its not just the jews, as we have seen. It seems many male jews have sympathies to the gay way. But not all gay-wayers will be jews. Jewry just seems to be a kind of club, nothing more. a club set up to praise and make jokes about mothers and poop: 

"International Jewry is the devilish ferment of decomposition that finds cynical satisfaction in plunging the world into the deepest chaos and destroying ancient cultures that it played no role in building."
- Dr Joseph Goebbels

Still, what Goebbels and so many others miss, is that Jews couldn’t get into the positions they have, in a healthy society. They are as much a symptom as a cause, just like any parasite or eruption of disease. You don’t blame the skin rash – well, unless you’re a Western doctor – you look to the causes inside the body.

I used to be baffled by the fact that paedophiles were apparently admired by high-ranking masons, and police officers, and high-ranking everyone. Now we know. And it may explain why male Jews form the ranks of so much of the elite – because at birth they were castrated. Castration doesn’t mean that it all has to be chopped off. Just the tip of the dick is enough, 80% of the pleasure-sensation gone so we’re told. These guys are carefully bred from birth to be high-ranking officers of the macho-queer elite. And all throughout history, the protectors of the inner sanctum were always eunuchs. Historians like to say, that they were eunuchs just so that they could protect the king’s harem without any hanky-panky. No – they’re protecting a harem alright, but there’s not a nubile woman in sight.

It also explains why they hate blacks so much – although they share some of the more puerile characteristics of the macho-queer, those grounded in African traditions are still naturally quite hostile to homosexuals, and are harder to socially condition because they’re more “right-brained”. Still, with hip-hop and turd-burglars like Dr Dre and Jay-Z they’re doing a pretty good job. Notice how crazy-violent and misogynistic hip-hop became after the release of The Chronic? Now, where have we seen that mindset before?

These are men cut off from their own balls. Men without balls are ferocious bullies, uninterested in women, and – crucially – very focussed and driven intellectually, and hyper-creative but without any grounding in natural truth. A testament is a statement of truth from someone with balls, it’s in the word itself. In ancient times men would swear an oath whilst holding their balls. Collateral, if you like.

That’s why they’ve dominated, and pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes for so long. It’s easy to overcome the natural complacency of normal men, and the natural hamster-wheel script-following of normal women. Just  provide the beer and the scripts, and you’re King. Done.

Also bully the weak, and succour the strong until they are weak too. A bully’s main strength is his sixth sense for weakness in other men. A bully so rarely gets  a comeuppance because of his acuity in target selection. He won’t fuck with a strong man on his own turf.

This is because he doesn’t have the heart to fight like a real warrior. Look, the thing we all have to understand is that all the stories we have been fed about genocide and millions dying here, thousands dying there, is mostly just a macho-queer fantasy. They didn’t happen. None of them did. Jew holocaust? Nonsense, that story has been obliterated, many times over.  Millions dying of machete attacks in Rwanda because  of a radio broadcast? Millions? Machetes? Pure fantasy. Mass slaughter in Vietnam? No, all indications are that it was a pretty boring trip for the soldiers who went there. Same with the firemen of 9/11. None of them died, in fact probably no-one died because the place was evacuated well before the collapse. But what NYC fireman would be brave enough to say so? How much better is it for them to be regarded as national heroes?

Of late I’m even doubting that the Great War ever happened, or at least that anyone died. It just sounds too retarded – sitting in trenches facing each other, and then going over the top and walking slowly towards machine guns. Fucking nonsense, there would be a rebellion at the first go. And for what, because some prick a thousand miles away wearing women’s clothes was shot? Nobody knows. Sure, I acknowledge the power of propaganda in making men and women do stupid things. I mean, they’ve indoctrinated anal sex as the main go-to in sexual relations via porno. But still – nah.

It’s a gay fantasy, theatre which they love so much,  a parody, young men rolling in the shit together and dying holding hands.

And who would know, anyway? These guys were supposedly holed up in fields in the middle of nowhere. Or as it’s more commonly known, Belgium.

I don’t have to be totally right in all the above instances to be true in spirit. The illusion of violence is far more potent than violence itself, because real violence has real blowback. The illusion of violence does not, it just lives in the mind of the informee, and makes him feel powerless. Makes him more likely to accept some third party as a saviour or protector. And it’s not just the illusion of violent episodes, but the overriding illusion of mankind as being pointlessly violent. Mankind is not gratuitously violent, and normal men in particular are not. But they give us their mind, so to speak, as with Castaneda’s flyers. And it’s all in plain sight, with no recourse to superstition or wild speculation. Not an ET or a Lizard in sight.

Basically we’ve been bullied. By bullshit. And by “we” I mean us straight men. The abuser-abusee relationship is written all through relationships today of all kinds. And it all starts with the elite bunch, the Luciferians lit up by young men’s bodies.

What’s the solution? Ban homosexuality, like in Uganda? Look, that’s only going to grant them more power. You don’t confront evil, or fight it. You first acknowledge the fuck out of it, and then ignore the fuck out of it. Keep it close where you can see it out of the corner of your eye, but don’t give it any more than a scrap of your attention or energy. Energy-harvesting is a real thing. The number 11 is two erect dicks together, okay? Remembrance Day, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. That’s occultism, that’s the “truth.” And that’s why normal men are almost extinct, and why women are about to go nuts and tear the world apart. Godspeed, I’ve no love for this world. But then, the pendulum has a long way back, and it always swings too far the other way. And I get the feeling that “regular men” will, once again, get it in the neck before the real culprits do, while all along taking the blame and clearing up the mess.

If we were to come up with a workable plan to destroy the macho-queer elites, it would surely involve turning against them exactly the method they have used to enslave us: divide and conquer. That is, to make the effeminate queers turn against the macho, and let them destroy each other. It’s either that, or men and women destroy each other, and the earth into the bargain, and everything’s over and finished for good.

We do this by brushing them aside with authority. This renders their entire existence pointless, and they’ll just turn on each other and disappear.

It could potentially be a lot of fun, too. I want to share a little story which shows what I mean. It illustrates how brittle the make-believe power of the macho-queer authoritarian really is. I passed breaking point a long time ago, and don’t give a shit anymore, so I wouldn’t advise you to copy this unless you’re of a similar mindset, and well-versed in your own authority. And calm.

A customs officer recently tried to stop me as I was leaving the airport. They’re not allowed to actually block your passage, so he was behind a tape, waving me to one side. I carried on walking with barely a glance at him. He shouted, and I carried on walking. He screamed, and ran over, and so did a bunch of his colleagues, all red-faced and furious. One of them had a gun. So I stopped. And I looked him right in the eye, and asked him, actually just kind of mumbled, “is compliance voluntary?” He and his colleague looked at each other, open mouths. I repeated the question, is compliance voluntary?” I waited for a response for what seemed about a minute, but it was probably 10 seconds or so. Then I carried on walking, deliberately slowly, holding my breath, expecting a hand on my shoulder at any moment, which would constitute assault and duress, and my liabilities would be theirs. But nothing happened. I walked through the gate, and on with my life.

The Strange Woman of the Bible is all women, and vagina is the road to hell

Nothing like a provocative title.

The more life you live, as a man who gives a fuck about life and the world, the more you come up against the insidious, horrific, vile actions of the “lower feminine”  energy that Bill Donahue talks about. But what I would rather call, straight out, women.

A comment on my last big post helped to snap me out of it, a bit. A guy recounted that his mother got her jollies from making him suffer and become a bit more fucked-up. And  thought, yeah, I can relate to that.

See, the Bible is an esoteric book. It calls attention to the wonders within the self, and that salvation can only be obtained from within. It is written in a coded form, symbology, so that the fucking stupid can’t figure it out. And women are, as it happens, the fucking stupid.

But these days, men have been made even lower than women. They have been so debased and abused that their lives are barely worth living anymore.

Well I would like to see a return of men. I would like to see them rise up and push the “strange woman” back underground.

And I’m coming from a place of a particularly hedonistic sort. I’ve spent two decades getting drunk and chasing skirt. And finally -  finally – I’m beginning to learn.

Women are not only not to be trusted. That much is obvious enough. But they are evil. Truly evil. All of them.





But, you may say, some are good, right? Are you just one of those women haters?

Yes. I am a woman hater. But I was a woman lover, or so I thought, for a very long time. Not in the sense that I was a feminist (one article for the prosecution of women, right there!), but in the sense that I believed that to live a good, constructive, and full life, one should enjoy the company of beautiful women as often as possible. Preferably mingled with wine, and song. And maybe a little dancing, on their  part, anyway.

In the last post on Cybele I was still a little under the spell of John Lash. He’s eloquant, and his analysis of Parzival was quite interesting for me (and by the way its interesting that Parzival’s mother was who led him astray, and that one of her horseshit rules for him which led him astray was to “respect all women”) . But his adoration of Sophia is of course luciferian, and his juvenile giggling blatherings about taking drugs with some new age femcunt so he could see the organic light of Sophia (duuuuude) just repulsed me. So too his mummy’s boy war party, where he suggests we all conjure magic death spells to, I don’t know, pop a magic cap in Bill Gates’ ass, or something. Nonsense.

And then, in a final recent altercation with the mother of my son, it came to me.

Women are to be scorned. Beaten the fuck down.

Do I mean  physical violence? Not necessarily. I think that men, real men, should have nothing to do with them at all. Or very little.

Just imagine women trying to get by without men. Kind of makes you chuckle.

Bloggers in the “manosphere” like Roissy have been pinpointing that the root of all evil in this world is the pedestalisation of pussy. Which as I’ve shown on this blog is personified by Cybele-Diana-Lucifer.

But what about having children, I hear you say. And I say, first you want to live in a world worth bringing children into. and to do that, you want first to birth the children withjn. I mean this in very concrete terms. I mean preserving your essence, knowing how to breathe. Knowing how to get stronger, truly.

My son is beautiful, and predictably he’s in the clutches of a woman who I despise. I’m taking steps to put myself in a better position, so I can pick him up again down the line.


Janus got a gun

So yes, it’s my current feeling that the Strange Woman of the Bible is all women outside of yourself. I feel that we have a woman within, and she is everything we need. She’s the perineum, where a woman’s vagina would be. She’s the prostate, the man’s anal g-spot. She’s the pineal gland, that the pituitary gland floods with milk, and then it’s Christmas within, we get all goodies.

But “outer women”? Their vaginas are the gates to hell. And that’s all they have.


So let’s look at the Bible, shall we?

Proverbs 5:3-23King James Version (KJV)

3 For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil:

4 But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.

5 Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell.

6 Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.

7 Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth.

8 Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house: [her vagina]

9 Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel:

10 Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labours be in the house of a stranger;

11 And thou mourn at the last, when thy flesh and thy body are consumed,

12 And say, How have I hated instruction, and my heart despised reproof;

13 And have not obeyed the voice of my teachers, nor inclined mine ear to them that instructed me! [the inner teachers. inspiration, gut instinct, intuition, self-interpretation of symbols, self-referenced]

14 I was almost in all evil in the midst of the congregation and assembly. [how much this sounds like the world we  know]

15 Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well. [now we’re getting solutions]

16 Let thy fountains be dispersed abroad, and rivers of waters in the streets.

17 Let them be only thine own, and not strangers' with thee.

18 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

19 Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.

20 And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger?

21 For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he pondereth all his goings.

22 His own iniquities shall take the wicked himself, and he shall be holden with the cords of his sins.

23 He shall die without instruction; and in the greatness of his folly he shall go astray.


Strong stuff, don’t you think?

I actually cried when I read line 9 again.

And can you imagine the scornful  face of a woman, hearing that? Like, you fucking pussy, you cried? Ugh.

Either that, or the fake, awwwwww. Like I’m a little fucking puppy dog saying something of no consequence.

Now, when I first read this stuff, some years back, I wondered what the hell is it talking about. Like, is this some gay shit? The “patriarchs” hating women because they like anus instead?

No. This is the reason monks forsook women, and went and brewed beer together, and made gold out of piss. And wrote beautiful tracts on the inner essence of life.

Because women are evil; indeed the only way of evil in the world. And to pursue  them is to pursue the strange woman. Notice “strange”? Or outside of oneself?

Your TRUE “wife” is your LIFE. Your life of YOUTH. When do you have that? When you learn the techniques, the inner ways, that allow you to cultivate joy and strength. To stack strength on strength. Build the body with breath and the inner naturally occurring juices.

The lesson is so in-your-face, such plain sight, that yet again I have been – though gratefully – made to feel like an idiot. Everywhere you look, women are the cause of misery. Women, and mummy’s boys with anus-and-vagina badges. Left unchecked, they would have every man retarded, conditioned, enslaved, eking out grovelling useless tasks on a thankless humiliating hamster wheel, dissipating their inner vitality and joy and strength until death comes as blessed relief.

The New World Order? It’s women. “The Illuminati”? It’s women.

And it’s womanly men too, and that’s coming up in a post I’m still working on. But I wanted to fill in a little stop-gap by stating in the strongest possible terms what I suspect every man knows, who’s lived a day in his life.

A man has to pursue his OWN happiness. The second he puts a woman’s “happiness” (they can’t be happy) anywhere on his priorities, he’s lost.

Women, the outer women, are to be spurned and scorned at every turn. They should not be heard. They should retreat into the foul corners of the world from which they sprang, and whisper squawking obscenities to each other as they rot, unsung and unloved, unto death.

Yes, they should be brutalised too. This thing  is already brutal, and it would be better for most men to have never been born, that’s how bad the world is. For there is no point in going to war against another man, ever. It is needless, for even the basest man will dig his own grave. A young woman on the other hand, comely and teasing, she represents what it says in “Jennifers body”, that hell is a teenage girl. She’ll not only lure you with her “hell’s gate”, but she’ll make you sacrifice everything, everything, just to get a peek at it.


The outer woman Cybele threatens the Inner Woman, the Woman at the Well.

The late Patrice O’Neal used to say that women’s power is in what you let them do, or in the fear of what you’ll let them do. And he railed against women so powerfully that his body gave up and he died young. Just for a second I’m going to assume it wasn’t just his character that was killed off, as with so many actors and comedians. And despite the fact I’ve seen him throw out those little Cybele-Band hand signals. He nonetheless said a lot of what needs to be said. But I’ve come to the point where I disagree with one of the major tenets. He said, pussy is important, but not special.

I say, pussy is important and special. And not in a good way.

You cannot be righteous and love women. You cannot be righteous and have a woman living in the same place as you. Her presence, her malevolent energy –in your house? No thanks.

However, in your biblical house, as in the woman within you? Her you can hang with. And she’ll be everything you ever wished a woman can be. A well of nurturing goodness. She will caress you when you’re troubled. She will dry your tears.

An outer woman? She’ll use these occasions, when you’re low, to destroy you a little more.

Is this a bitter, angry treatise? Fuck yes! And I’m offering reasons, solid, fucking eternal reasons, esoteric and exoteric, which I’m standing in righteous indignation. And I’m also saying there are solutions. And that life can be beautiful, once again. When men are taught to be men. Only thing is, it takes a man to educate a wannabe man. And you’re not going to get that with fucking  Socrates, Blavatsky, fucking Plato. The foundation of our current Vaginaworld. Stop listening to women. Period. And yeah, there’s a pun in there, somewhere.

Men are in pain, and suffering, all over the world. I’m here to tell you uit deosnt have to be like this. You have to feel your pain, take ownership of it. When it comes, relax and  breathe deep, and let the pain do it’s work, put roots down, get stronger, more righteous, tense in the right directions.

And nurture yourself with love. Yes, "wanking." That mummy’s boy  insult, about another dude being a “wanker”, like the other man’s body is any of his fucking business. Yes, wank, but don’t ejaculate. Learn to control the flow, press the perineum, let  the juices go back into your body and give your youth and THAT is your life, your "wife."

Saliva too, what the taoists call the jade nectar. Even urine – it’s miraculous for burns and stuff on the skin. But your sex juices are the true treasure, and you have all you need.

And the one thing that women have to offer – the only thing they have to offer – is the opportunity for you to lose those  precious fluids. Yes, you can fuck them and not come. I’ve been doing that for a while. And yes, according to taoists, the man can actually benefit from that, can take back a little from the women, in fact both will benefit.

But I think really you have to have a world in which women are reduced to the place they should be – begging for men’s attention, like starving dogs hoping for scraps but also fearing for their lives. Only then should the gates of hell be breached, but do it righteously.

Brutal, yes. As I’ve said, this is the only brutality that men should nurture. It’s like a muscle you need to exercise. Men can kill animals for food, and will always feel a little sadness about it. But in dealing with women, remember they are not like us. Without any irony whatsoever, I can say they are like The Terminator. It doesn’t feel fear, or remorse, or pity. And it will not stop, ever – until you are dead.

Fuck women. Or rather, don’t.

Monday, 15 December 2014

The so-called Sydney Siege, why we keep being given theatre and drills as news, and why it matters


News is literally coming out as I write. I was about to list a few predictions, one of which was that  the man in question would have three names. Perhaps that’s too easy. But anyway they beat me to it – it’s Man Haron Monis. And holy shit, how’s that for a handle? Very mantra-like.

It’s Man Harmony, folks. As in, big hairy manly love. Get back to that in a second.

Then there’s the detail he’s taken  “fewer than 30” hostages. So we have the magic 30 again. Suppose the number could end up as 27, being Saturnian, or 22. Or they’ll bump it up to 33 or 42.

It’s in Australia this time, which is interesting. The place they dug up Julian Ass-angel. Webster Tarpley spoke once of the “very strange cult” on the east coast that Assange was involved with. Without mentioning that they’re just another branch of the Flying Circus Cybelean Actor’s Guild that “run the world.”

We’ve got Lindt involved in the charade, a Swiss company – Switzerland  being the most disturbing nation in the world after Belgium and possibly Austria. And there has to be some kind of reference to brownness or shittiness, so that’s covered with chocolate. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the cafe in question is a known gay hotspot.

I’m expecting at least one dick joke, but haven’t seen it yet.

But perhaps there are some readers here who are  relatively new to the world of media chicanery, and require something  a bit more concrete. Well, there’s always this:

FireShot Screen Capture #037 - 'BBC NEWS I Asia-Pacific I Australia stages anti-terror drills' - news_bbc_co_uk_2_hi_asia-pacific_2939624_stm

FireShot Screen Capture #036 - 'BBC NEWS I Asia-Pacific I Australia stages anti-terror drills' - news_bbc_co_uk_2_hi_asia-pacific_2939624_stm

Yes, so they got all the footage back in 2003, and now they’re just cordoning the area off. They do this all the time, as readers of Ed Chiarini’s material will know ( By the way it’s 11 years difference, another common thing.

From The Guardian:

At 4.56pm the crowd outside Martin Place in Sydney drew close as two women dressed in brown Lindt aprons ran into the arms of a waiting police officer. Photos of the women clutching desperately to heavily armed police have become the standout images of the siege.

They replaced the blurry footage that emerged at 9.45am showing hostages pressed against the cafe’s front window while holding a black flag bearing the Shahada. The footage was picked up by Channel 7, whose Sydney studios are diagonally opposite the Lindt cafe and whose morning programs regularly show a live feed of Martin Place. It is likely that is why the Lindt cafe was targeted.

For several hours most passersby assumed that the police tape was due to a bomb scare, and were frustrated that they could not get to the bank nearby. Occasionally a worried face would hail a detective and whisper that a relative was in the cafe. They were directed toward a separate holding area.

So it’s just across the street from media headquarters. Convenient.

Maybe there’s a big old butch gangbang going on in the cafe right now.

FireShot Screen Capture #039 - 'Sydney cafe siege_ armed gunman named as Man Haron Monis – live I Australia news I The Guardian' - www_theguardian_com_australia-news_live_2014_dec_15_sydney-siege-reports-of-hostage-situatio

I guess this is where you could put on the tinfoil hat and say that sexual energy combined with the attention of the world makes for a lot of black magic. All I can think is I’ve been put off Lindt chocolate for life.

FireShot Screen Capture #040 - 'Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian I The Guardian' - www_theguardian_com_uk

Sydney, Sydney, Men playing with balls, Sydney, and Man-on-Man Lovin’. Just coincidence, I’m sure.

15 December is the Feast  Day of Saint Mary di Rosa. So you’ve got an Isis activist on Isis day. For what it’s worth. Cybele’s so proud of her boys.

As to why all this “matters”, well maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it’s all a bit of fun, or maybe it’s just boring. I suppose when, like most city-dwellers, you’re disassociated from your own body and the ground you walk on, you need to have some kind of story to feel like you belong with the people around you. Even if that story is very gay.